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  This week our lego challenge was who could make a ball that could travel the furthest after being rolled down a ramp, the competition was fierce but after the smoke had cleared we had a winner. Congratulations to our Lego Club champion: Jace. Who will Challenge him next lego club? Good...

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Challengers for Lego Championship title?

Some great creations at lego club Wednesday. Do you have what it takes to be a master builder? Our next lego club will be April 1st! Bring your A game because its going to be a challenge!

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The Library’s online calendar is now open to the community

Following some discussion at the Tumbler Ridge Interagency Group (TRI)  the library is excited to announce we’re opeining our calendar to the community.   You can submit events and we will post them (at our discretion) to our site as well as share them with the community centre who will...

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New Shut-In Delivery Service

The library provides a shut-in service to those who are housebound due to age, illness, infirmity, or accident. We will deliver books and talking books tailored to your individual tastes, to your home at no charge.